7 already?

My Tumblr turned 7 last week. I never post anymore, but I hang in there to read the same people I’ve been following for all these years. Hi, everyone.

It’s a little painful reading my archive, remembering my old life, and seeing a person so completely different than I am today. 7 years ago feels like an eternity. I don’t like reflecting, although I often find myself caught up in memories of moments. But when those memories subside, and I can think with a clear head, I realize that I feel so fucking free for the first time in my life. I am doing exactly what I want to do, exactly where I want to do it, with no parameters, and answering to no one. I struggle with knowing who I am, but I do know that I will never give up what little identity I have for anyone ever again. 



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Lots of stuff. Cool stuff, I think. So, you know: Back Us.

Support my friend Sean.

I am Jillian

I have received this question repeatedly in my Tumblr inbox lately, from several different people, so instead of continually addressing it on an individual basis, here it is:

I will NEVER give up my Tumblr user name under any circumstances. I have been using this account daily for over 6 years, and although I don’t post often, I still comment, like, read, and follow friends. I am on here every day, multiple times a day.

I have been a part of the Tumblr community since before its major release. I have met some great people on here, and my Dashboard is my online home.

Sorry if I sound grumpy about this. I’m just sick of dealing with it.